Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has more than  90 staff who work across Yorkshire. If the proposed Spurn visitor centre is approved, the likelihood is that it will take on more employees, either full-time or part-time. It may also attract additional members - or lose some who are opposed to the project. The Chief Executive and his team of directors are responsible for the day to running of the trust. Below are their profiles as listed on the trust's website.
Rob Stoneman - Chief Executive
Rob is the public face of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and plays an active role in ensuring that the trust fulfils its long term vision. Answerable to the Board of Trustees, Rob is responsible for ensuring correct financial procedures are maintained.
Caroline Thorogood - Director of Operations for South and West Yorkshire
Caroline oversees the management of all the Trust nature reserves in South and West Yorkshire, as well as planning and policy operations. Caroline also oversees a diverse portfolio of conservation and education projects in the area, which include Stirley Community Farm and Potteric Carr.
Terry Smithson - Director of Operations for North and East Yorkshire
Terry oversees the management of all the Trust nature reserves in North and East Yorkshire, as well as policy and advocacy operations. Terry oversees the variety of projects in the region, which include the Yorkshire Nature Triangle and the Yorkshire Peat Partnership
Peter Batchelor - Director of Finance and Resources
Peter is responsible for the trust's finances and preparation of the annual accounts. Peter also oversees the administration, health and safety and IT to ensure that the trust operates smoothly.
Jono Leadley - Director of Development
Jono leads the development team, who work to increase the trust’s profile in the community through marketing and communication activities, develop the trust's membership scheme and coordinate the trust's fundraising activities.

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