Friday, 18 November 2016


Waxwings - sometimes found feeding in supermarket car parks
HOPES are high that it could be a bumper winter 2016-17 for waxwings.

Perhaps because of a food shortage in their native Scandinavia, sightings of this delightful visitor  have been reported during November from many parts of Britain, especially eastern counties such as Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

Individuals or parties of up to 20 or more have a happy knack of turning up in town centres and out-of-town supermarket car parks if there are plenty of  berry-laden cotoneaster or other shrubs and trees.

The BTO is predicting increasing numbers of arrivals in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, on sandy beaches, shorelarks have also been more conspicuous than in previous winters

Says the BTO: "Up to 100 birds have been seen at Holkham in North Norfolk,  with smaller numbers elsewhere along the East Coast. 

"A few have also reached further afield, including singles on Anglesey and in Hampshire."

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