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Remiz pendulinus 3 (Martin Mecnarowski).jpg
Penduline tit - one of the stars of the bird scene in Estonia
ALTHOUGH Estonia  does not feature strongly on the radar of  most birders, that could change sooner than later.

As Tarvo Valker  outlined in his absorbing illustrated presentation at Birdfair, it boasts some great birds, including Ural owl, great snipe, penduline tit, black grouse, capercaillie, nutcracker, lesser spotted eagle and eight woodpecker species  (such as the white-backed which is increasing).

Tarvo Valker
Tarvo Walker - experienced ornithologist and a tour guide
A further plus is that another breeding species, the wryneck is holding its own, with numbers stable.

A birder for almost 25 years, Tarvo explained that  his country has a low human population and enjoys impressive nature protection  across a  wide range of habitats including bogland and ancient forest.

Crucially, Estonia is at the western edge of  the range of many eastern species, certain unfamiliar warblers for instance.

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