Sunday, 30 November 2014


 THE item below is extracted from the bulletin board of the Lincolnshire Bird Club website.

I have attended and enjoyed both the LBC annual guest lectures of the past two years - featuring Mark Avery and Stuart Butchart.

But both times I was struck by how few under-40s were present? In fact, quite a high number (including me) were over 60. As far as I could make out (though I may be wrong), there was not a single person aged under 20 in attendance in either year.

Why is this? Are today's young people not interested in birdwatching? Are we not doing enough to encourage them? If that is the case, the prospects for safeguarding the  birdlife of tomorrow don't appear too bright.

But maybe holding the event in the evening discourages attendance by young people.

In future years, might it be worth considering holding the same event on a Saturday afternoon to make it more accessible to people of all age groups?

For the responses see:

Why did two warblers fail to make the cut?
These two sister identification guides are useful for taking on holiday because of their slim pocket-size format.

Oddly, neither include any reference either to the yellow-browed warbler or Pallas’s leaf warbler.

What could be the reason for the omission? Did the authors just forget?

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