Friday, 6 January 2017


Scene at Spurn - one of the heligoland traps

THREE churchmen have joined the debate over the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's proposed Spurn visitor centre - two in favour, one against.

In letters to the planning department at East Riding Council, support for the venture has been expressed by the Rev M.F. Cleverley, who notes that the centre should provide a valuable resource for children, and by the Rev David Everett - the latter being the serving vicar of Market Weighton and Sancton.

However, the most entertaining submission to planners is from  an opponent, the Rev Mark Quigley, of Hessle, near Hull.

He writes: "Ignorant, arrogant, insensitive and greedy - just some of the things Mother calls me daily.

"The YWT proposals are all of these things. 

"As for double yellows, we've had freedom at Spurn for all the years I've been going. That's  just as it should be in the natural, open, wild countryside.

"It's just money that interests them.

"I don't like the proposal one bit.

"There I said it."

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