Tuesday, 24 January 2017


HULL man Robin Neale is among the many appealing for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's proposal to be refused.

In his submission to the planning department at East Riding council, he says:  "Again I find it necessary to object to YWT's proposals for a new visitor centre on the proposed site ( the same site that was rejected on a  previous application).

"Nothing has changed. Habitats will be destroyed and the proposed site was flooded out during the 2013 surge.

"The trust has the option of developing adjacent to the Blue Bell cafe but has chosen not to do so, even thought this property was not flooded in 2013.

"The proposals and provision for parking are totally unsuitable for casual visitors, anglers and birdwatchers alike as the arrangements will not be available early or late in the day.

"The proposal to have no parking along verges would mean a walk ,with equipment, tackle, tripods etc of nearly a mile or so.

"With the intention of landscaping the verges, it is clear that the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is prepared to change the landscape, destroy habitat and encourage  access to Spurn in pursuit of financial gain.

"The trust is  not really interested in providing any needs for those people who love visiting Spurn as it is.

"Its  claim to be catering  for the 'Springwatch generation' is laughable.

"Spurn is a wild, expansive place where wildlife can occur anywhere. It is not Bempton where everything is conveniently perched on a cliff and ideally suited to a visitor centre that attracts a wide range of people.

"Similarly it is not Potteric Carr where a maze of footpaths lead to conveniently-placed hides, viewable by everybody and where all 'needs ' are catered for.

"Spurn is Spurn - one of the last true wildernesses on the East Coast where man and its inhabitants  interact successfully.

"Please stick to your guns East Riding planning committee - do not be hoodwinked by misleading propaganda!

"Reject the proposals for the visitor centre on the same grounds that you quite rightly did last time.

"Keep Spurn wild!"

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