Thursday, 22 January 2015


AN application for a wind turbine at a sensitive bird habitat has this week been turned down  by

Farmer Paul Roughton wanted to install the 32-metre high turbine on farmland off Sea Lane
in Friskney.

It is an area frequented  in winter by Brent geese and other wildfowl and waders.

Marsh harriers are also regularly seen  on passage as are short-eared owls.

Because of lack of reassurance  about the welfare of such birds, East Lindsey District
Council has played safe and refused to grant planning consent.

The decision notice (in abbreviated form) states : 

"The application site lies only 1.8km from The Wash Special Protection Area
and The Wash and North Norfolk Coast Special Area of Conservation
which are European sites.

"The sites are also listed as The Wash Ramsar site and The Wash Site of Special
Scientific Interest .

"Insufficient information has been submitted with the application to determine whether
the likelihood of significant effects can be ruled out, and therefore it is not
possible for the local planning authority to undertake a habitats regulations

"No wintering bird survey has been carried out , and, due to the
proximity of The Wash, there is potential for harm (through collision risk
and/or disturbance or displacement) to notified species that may be
roosting, feeding or loafing in the agricultural fields on site at different tidal

"No information has been submitted to address potential impacts on protected species that
may be in the area.

"The decision notice continues: "No Heritage Impact Assessment has
been submitted with the application so no information has been submitted
to be able to assess the full effect of the potential impact of the visual
impact and dominance on any historic features and buildings which might be

"There are several scheduled ancient monuments within a few
kilometres of the site and the proposed turbine is within a historic landscape
of flat coastal marshes.

"The proposal has therefore failed to demonstrate
that the development would not result in an adverse impact on the setting
of heritage assets."

The notice concludes: "The site lies in landscape
character area C1 in the East Lindsey District Landscape Character
Assessment , and this area has a moderate to high sensitivity.

"It is a flat, man-made and open landscape which has been reclaimed from the sea
and is characterised by its remoteness with big skies and peaceful
panoramas. "

"The proposed turbine would represent a large man-made
structure in a coastal landscape that is characterised by wide open views
and few man-made structures.

"The proposal would adversely impact on the flat, natural character of this protected

The full information on the application, including comments  from organisations such as

Natural Egland and a breeding bird survey are at: 

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