Wednesday, 22 October 2014


AN interesting report and photo in the Spurn observatory blog (Tue Oct 21) about a juvenile storm petrel.

It was apparently brought in by the RSPCA after finding its way into Hull on board a P&O overnight ferry from Rotterdam.

The good news is that it is thought to have been none the worse for the experience because it flew off "strongly".

How regular is it for birds to take refuge on ferries or other vessels entering the Humber (or The Wash)? Are there any research papers?

In Birds of the Spurn Peninsula (Page 89), Ralph Chislett refers to a coasting ship piloted into the Humber (on Oct 29, 1948) which was said to have been  “covered with goldcrests” that had come aboard between Whitby and Flamborough.

Evidently, they all took off towards Lincolnshire  as the ship entered the estuary.

When the American robin was recorded in Grimsby a few years back, there was speculation that it may have "hitched"a ride on a vessel.

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